Maldives Climate

Maldives is located on the equator and therefore experiences monsoonal climate. There are two distinct seasons, dry season (Northeast Monsoon) and wet season (Southwest Monsoon). In these two seasons the temperature varies hardly. Northeast monsoon extends from January to March. Since Maldives consists of small islands and are surrounded by sea, hot days are often tempered by cooling sea breezes and balmy evening temperatures.



Throughout the year, temperature remains almost same in the Maldives. However, daily temperature ranges from around 31 degrees Celsius in daytime to 23° Celsius in night time. The highest temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 36.8°C, recorded on 19 May 1991 at Kadhdhoo Meteorological Office. Likewise, the minimum temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 17.2°C, recorded at the National Meteorological Centre on 11th April 1978.

data since 2000


The wet season; southwest monsoon runs from mid-May to November. In this season Maldives experiences torrential rain. The highest rainfall ever recorded in the Maldives with in 24 hour period was recorded on 9th July 2002 at Kaadedhdhoo Meteorological Office and amounts to 219.8mm of rainfall.

data since 2000



The fact that the Maldives is located at the equator, Maldives receives plentiful of sunshine throughout the year. The graph below shows the average daily sunshine each station receives throughout the year.

data since 2000