About Us

Corporate Vision

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the holiday needs of it’s clients seeking high quality Sri Lanka holiday packages and elevating our image to become the world’s most trusted and preferred online tour company promoting Sri Lanka as a prime holiday destination.



Our mission is to help you discover the special beauty and charm of Sri Lanka by creating impeccable and unforgettable Sri Lanka holiday itineraries. In achieving this, we use the best human talents and cutting-edge technologies.



These are the principles and guiding behaviors that flow from our Mission and Values:

  • Passion and serious about what we do.
  • We show respect for all individuals.
  • We are dedicated and strategically focused in our work.
  • Innovation is the pivotal element for our success.
  • We seek to be the best.


  • Surpassing: We shall surpass your expectations by providing exceptional services at all times.
  • Genuine caring: When you entrust your holiday plan to us, we will never let you down. We go deep attention to small details in crafting the plan to make sure every encounter during your holiday experience will be unique and memorable.
  • Friendly and helpful: Our friendly team will be there to support whenever you need a help, be it a tour related or otherwise. We are a customer-centric company and can be approachable 24 hours a day whilst you are on a tour for any emergencies.
  • Flexible: Keeping our clients and team members happy is vital to our success journey. We allow maximum flexibility whenever possible and within our control to delight our clients.
  • Accountability: We commit and hold ourselves responsible to deliver what we promise.
  • Integrity: Being ethical and transparent in all our dealings.
  • Esprit de corps: In achieving our goal and providing superior services, we work as a team and empower individuals in the pursuit of realizing our mission.

Our Family

Heart Attached is your independently selected professional guide to experience Sri Lanka in style. We are holiday advisors and destination management consultants handpicked for quality and reliability. If you are looking for the finest places to stay, best of the attractions to admire in Sri Lanka and reliability is extremely important to you, then look no further, get attached to us. Our aim is to craft a formula that helps you discover the special beauty and charm of Sri Lanka that will mesmerize you forever.

As a Heart Attached client, we guarantee that you will enjoy the dedicated attention of our team of experts who will co-ordinate your requirements from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our focused service, flexibility, honest, resourcefulness and creativity / imagination allowing us to create holidays that are perfectly mapped to your requirements and surpass your expectations – no matter how demanding they might be.

We take utmost care in choosing our ground handling partners, routes and accommodations to deliver your dream holiday with the highest quality. This means, you have nothing to worry about your stay in Sri Lanka but enjoy and relax. Our philosophy is to provide premium services without you paying a premium price.


Our Services

  • Inbound Tours – Nature, Beaches, Heritage, Adventure, Honeymoon, Educational, Ayurvedic & Spa, Cricket and lot more
  • Outbound Tours – Maldives, India, Malaysia, Dubai / UAE & Egypt
    Hotel booking
  • Airport pickup and transfers
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) arrangements.

Our History

Thank you for your interest to know us better. Let us take you down the memory lane about a decade ago, where lies the beautiful story about the birth of our company, Heart Attached.

Time was late 90’s.We were two Sri Lankans working abroad and we were in love. With decent salaries in hand, happy families back in Sri Lanka and love in the air you would have guessed we had nothing to worry about. But we did. With our hearts deeply attached to our motherland we were saddened by how our country and how our people had to suffer with the extent of damage the civil war did. On the other hand with all the natural charms our country had to offer, it was poorly imaged by the mass media making it less attractive for investors and holiday makers.

At this point we badly wanted to do something to help our country, and our people to get back on their feet. But as an ordinary couple we had nothing much to give back.

Then one fine day when we were having a chat with some of our friends over a coffee, the subject of my country’s beauty came up. One of our friends who was an Omani national was supposed to get married in two weeks time and we were able to change his plan for the honeymoon hide away. He finally was convinced, and his firm handshake confirmed he did make up his mind. His new destination was Sri Lanka!

With that handshake started our journey, initially with no financial benefits just as fellow Sri Lankans to help our network of friends to discover this magical country, and today standing strong with a decade of experience and wealth of knowledge as a fully fledged tour company.

So when all you need is a break…turn to us. Leave your heart attached!


  • Equal employment and offer fair remuneration
  • Eco tourism
  • Conservation of energy
  • Environmentally and ethical friendly services
  • Animal Rights
  • Abide by laws and rules of the state
  • Carbon Credits



  • Child Sex
  • Child Labour
  • Money Laundering


Committed for Better World

At Heart Attached we take community seriously. One of the prime motives behind our company existence is to contribute to our country’s economy and to enhance the life / standard of living of our community however small they are. By choosing a holiday package from us you join us to make a positive impact on our society. Of each dollar you spend with us, we give back as much as 5% to the society to nurture and improve their life.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme we are proud to participate in the following projects:Our management make priorities based on the need and by no means this is the comprehensive list of the CSR projects we embark.

  • Contribution to Sri Lanka Armed Forces Welfare funds to improve the quality of life of the soldiers affected in the recent civil war with LTTE.
  • Contribution to financially stricken students to continue their education.
  • Contribution to less privileged schools to purchase necessary furniture and equipment.
  • Contribution to orphanages to improve quality of life of the orphans by providing clothing, books and furniture.

Please keep visiting this page as we post evidences of these courses.

Our Bankers

Bank: Bank of Ceylon,
Name: Heart Attached (Pvt) Ltd
Branch: Bambalapitiya,Colombo-04.

Account No: 9629511

– There are no IBAN requirements in Sri Lanka
– All bank charges to remit funds are to be borne by customers


Payment by Credit Cards

Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCards should you wish to by completing the attached Credit Card Mail Order Form. An additional bank charge is applicable on all card transactions.