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Located in Pottuvil – an unspoilt stretch of beach in Sri Lanka’s East coast, Jetwing Surf utilizes a unique style of architecture that sets a new benchmark in eco-tourism. The structures are built using wood, woven coconut palm leaves, and dried “illuk” grass – all of which are naturally found in Sri Lanka. The design of this unique 20 cabana resort is inspired by sea shells and as such the layout of the property and individual cabanas are formed to the shape of a sea shell. Pottuvil Point is the closest surfing destination, just 2 minutes away from the resort, and a great surfing base especially for beginners. While Arugam Bay – one of the world’s finest surfing destinations is only 10 minutes away from Jetwing Surf, making it the ideal resort for surfers.
It is situated in the Southeast of the island, 348km from the Bandaranaike International Airport and 313km from Colombo. The property is perfectly placed on the outskirts of Pottuvil, a favourite area for surfers.

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