Boat Ride in Bentota River

Bentota Ganga, Bentota, Sri Lanka


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Club Bentota offers a journey into Sri Lankan nature with a river boat cruise which takes you on the Bentota River and under the Bentota Bridge. You are taken through mangroves which surround you with astounding beauty. Experience nature first hand as your guide helps you identify unique plants and animals. Our expert guides will enlighten you with fascinating information about the local animal life, plant life and the flourishing scenery of Sri Lanka. The calm sound of the water flowing down the Bentota River will open your senses to a more secretive side of Sri Lanka’s beauty. Let an aqua-adventure of this beautiful peninsula captivate you with fascination.


  • Cultural
  • Landmarks
  • Outdoors
  • Zoos & Aquariums

Activity Information

Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 10 a.m
Duration : 4 hours
Maximum number of people : 10
Not Available
Departure date:

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